Helene Goldnadel on The Wisdom of Educational Toys

Long before your child is big enough to leaf through pages of a book or sit upright in front of a computer, he is already fit to learn - and learn he does. Toys that surround children make their own preschool.

It is no secret that babies are attracted to bright colors and toddlers are fascinated with moving objects. Parents may observe their kids' eyes follow around a fallen cookie jar rolling on the kitchen floor or get attracted to medicine boxes and even specks of dirt on the floor they crawl on. This leads some parents to thinking that just about any toy would do. But parents can think again with the advent of the so-called educational toys.

You might ask, "What makes a toy or any object for that matter educational?" Put in another way, what makes a shape sorter different from a plain rock or a piece of milk carton? Helene Goldnadel says the difference lies in how that toy promotes and enhances the developmental process in young children.

With the knowledge of the norm…

Single Parent Involvement in Child Education

Single parent involvement in child education may seem difficult to achieve, but it isn't as difficult as you think, and the benefits make it all worth it.
Benefits of Parental Involvement in Child Education
A parent's involvement in their children's school and academic life has a positive impact on their child's success, not only in school, but later in life. The more a parent becomes involved in their child's education, the more likely the child is to score higher than average grades, and have a positive attitude towards school and homework. The children are also more likely to pursue higher education.

Given the benefits, for some parents, however, involvement in their child's education may seem unworkable, and is true especially for working and single parents. Single parent involvement in child education is a challenge. Single parents feel they may not be able to contribute to their child's learning or to their child's school because of endless commitm…

Elementary Education at School or at Home?

It has been said many times that young children are very impressionable, and learn best while they are young, but what does that mean when it comes to elementary education? As parents we always want the very best for our children, but what is the best when we are considering elementary education for our offspring? This can be a very difficult decision to make, but don't worry, it's only one of many, many decisions you'll have to make as parents!
Elementary education is no doubt of extreme importance, as everything a child learns in these early days is built on as they get older. It is therefore of great importance to choose the best way for your child to get this education. Many parents nowadays feel that they can offer a better education at the elementary level at home rather than use the public education system, but is it really the best way to go? Helene Goldnadel provides a look further here.
Elementary school teachers are trained to teach elementary children, and the…

Helene Goldnadel Giving Your Child a Jump Start on Reading

As a parent you do not have to be a reading expert to give your child a jump start in becoming a reader. However, hope you are not waiting until the child is about to start school before making reading a key part of daily life. There is so much that a parent can do to be involved in this very important process. Research says that the support that parents give to a child is the most critical factor in a child’s life.

Reading is the most important determiner in how well a child will do in school and in life. Reading can open a child up to the world of knowledge like nothing else can. It is important that the process start long before a child enters school. The only person that can establish that needed foundation is a child’s parent. There are so many things that a child can learn from a parent about everyday activities and from being read to by a parent. Besides that, it can be an enjoyable experience for both the child and parent.

It all begins in infancy when a child hears voices. A p…

Helene Goldnadel on Building Your Child's Interest in Reading

Given the hi-tech gadgets a child has access to today, it is a real challenge to get children to even open a book. If they are not watching television, they are either engrossed in an internet video game or are jabbing away at the tiny keys on their cell phone. Reading is important because it enhances language skills building a child's comprehension ability and vocabulary. It also promotes visual development and verbal skills. Additionally, reading provides us with different lenses through which we can examine our everyday lives.

So, if your child is not reading enough, he is missing out on something very crucial. This how-to article lists the different tricks you can use to spark an interest in reading. Although our focus is children, you can apply a few of the tips by Helene Goldnadel to yourself too.

Reading Time

It should start with reserving some time for the reading ritual. It is true it's hard to find time, but it can be as little as 10-15 minutes. Do it every day. The be…

Father and Child Reading Activities

When you think about reading to children, mom is usually the person we think of. But dad's also needs to read to their children. This is just as important as mom. Evidence has shown that children whose father read to them receive higher grades in school. This activity will also help establish a bond between father and child that will last forever. This bond will help with your communication later when your child reaches their teen years.

You are probably asking yourself, how do I do this? Remember to keep the process simple. Go to the library and find books that interest you and your child. These books can be picture books, that you can look at. Use the pictures as discussion starters with your child.

If your child is older, then you can read chapter books to him or your child reads to you. When you start this activity it may feel unnatural, just keep at it. Remember children don't normally see their fathers as the person that reads to them.

For parents that are separated by div…

Is Your Child Living Up to His Potential?

There are so many products out now that claim to turn your infant into rocket scientist, or at least produce an IQ score like one. The truth is you are born with a certain amount of potential and the environment around you either contributes to or depletes it. The debate about which factors are most significant will continue beyond my days - of that much, Helene Goldnadel is sure.

The reality is that you, as a parent, do play an important part in the shaping of your child's attitudes about learning. If the child is 'hot-housed' like green tomatoes that are forced to appear ripened by artificial means, he will likely develop anxiety related to extraordinary expectations. Conversely, if the child is left alone in an empty room with nothing to stimulate him, his language skills will not develop on-time, nor will his motor skills. When compared to his peers, he may appear to be delayed.

The ideal situation is when a child has a variety of stimulating objects to support his dev…